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- Brugnetti used espresso machines for sale commercial -



  Brugnetti Reconditioned espresso machine for sale, Professionally refurbished - With 6 months full warranty. Certification supplied

Heavy Duty Commercial Espresso Machine from one of the most well respected coffee equipment manufacturers in the world. Built in Italy, the home of Espresso. People who know about espresso machines know that the name Brugnetti stands for quality of drink and reliability. It is produced in Italy to satisfy the demands of the busy commercial user and the discerning customer and coffee lover. The Brugnetti name is proudly displayed on both the working side of the machine and more prominently on the large back panel. Confusingly the Italians refer to this as the front panel, as the espresso machine is designed to be on the bar/countertop with the working side facing the staff, not the customer. This machine is fully refurbished and ready for work. This does not mean that is has only been washed down and tested. It means that espresso engineers who were manufacturer trained in Italy have expertly refurbished this machine, in our workshop. The machine was stripped to component level, all water/boiler components immersed in an acid bath to remove any trace of lime scale, then rinsed. All chassis and panels deep cleaned, then the machine was rebuilt using new seals and new components as required. The machine was then bench tested, more importantly, our engineers, who like their coffee, calibrated and tested it for quality espresso and cappuccino production. The machine bears some signs of use.


  - Eye-catching, durable stainless steel finish, with classic Italian styling.

   - The machine has 2 Stainless steel steam arms

   - Steam wands rotate through 360 degrees for ease of use with any shape of jug.

   - Large capacity boiler enables good production of hot water and steam for foaming milk.

   - Built in pump for simple, neat installation.

   - Powerful element for rapid heating. (4000 Watt)

   - Automatic boiler refill.

   - Gauges for pump /boiler pressure allow monitoring of machine.

   - Large area on top for storing and warming cups.

   - All comprehensive warranty included.


Single Phase, 240 Volts, 4000 Watt, 17 Amp. The machine require a 20 Amp supply.

Cold mains drinking water supply. All the adapter are available to connect the machine to the main.

The machine has a 1 metre drain hose connected below the drip tray, which needs to run down to a mains drain standpipe as used for washing machines,or alternatively, the drain hose can run down to a bucket.

Width 620mm. Height 450 mm. Depth 500 Weight 70Kg -  It is better to leave as much space around the machine as possible to allow for serving/preparing drinks. Please note that holes might need to be drilled to allow hoses and cables to pass through the counter top.

It is advisable with all espresso machines to install a filter/water softener into the main supply line between your stop tap and the machine. This will reduce the build up of harmful lime scale in the machine and improve the taste of the drinks. Proper water softener will be supplied with the machine

Should you need to purchase a grinder to complement this machine, we have a variety of refurbished grinders available.

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