Thanks for your Email

The charge for the required period is

200.00 as fixed fee for the delivery, installation and collection, then 40.00 per day

In your case the total charge is going to be 280.00+VAT.
As well as the coffee machine itself, our package includes an espresso grinder, knock out drawer, milk jug, chocolate shaker.
We need to have the money up front, either a cleared cheque beforehand, a bank transfer, or card payment. We also need to take a photocopy of photographic proof of ID, such as a passport or drivers license.
If you require coffee, chocolate, brown and white sugar, stirrers, take away cups, napkins or anything else, let us know.

We have packages including coffee beans, cups, stirrers,  for 200, 300, or 500 drinks, please ask if you need more informations.

Please let me know if it acceptable for you

Thank you